Live Life Unlimited

The cost of not following your heart, 

Is spending the rest of your life wishing you had. (Overton) 

Life if more than eating and drinking. That’s just part of the whole. Life is living with freedom, hope and faith. Freedom = no restrictions. Hope = happy expectations. Faith = trust, confidence. Also there is a cognitive Dimension of Faith. The word “faith” (πίστις, pistis) also holds a strong cognitive connotation for Paul the apostle, where faith is something you hold with your mind.

For example, Paul writes, “Just as we have the same spirit of faith (πίστις, pistis) that is in accordance with Scripture—’I believed, and so I spoke’—we also believe, and so we speak” (2 Cor 4:13 NRSV). Here, faith is primarily a cognitive function from which speech and action flows. (Logos encyclopedia). 

Having these Freedom, Hope, Faith. Coupled with love we can move mountains. Love for self and others will help us live in harmony vertically and horizontally (Heaven and Earth, God and human’s). Much love and blessings to all.

Much love and blessings