Colin La Borde was born in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines a Caribbean Island. Moved to North Dakota 1997, now lives in Rocky Mountain,  Colorado.   

From a child, Colin always had a creative mind for music. Colin was the last of his mother nine children, and the last of his nonresident father. He is married to Kim for 33 years and they have two handsome young men.

Colin style of music is unique, a combination of Soul, Pop and Caribbean beats such as Reggae, Soca and Latin flavor.

In Colin own words:

"The first person that influenced my music was my mother. She was always singing or whistling a tune."  As a young boy I spend a lot of time listening to  the radio which was one of the main source of listening to music.  Today i use my iPhone to listen to music from many streaming plarforms.

 Great artist such as: Al Green, Mahalia Jackson Jessy Dixson, Andre Crouch, Issac Haynes, Barry White and Stevie Wonder, James Ingram and Bob Marley are some of the voices that influenced my style. 

I’m new to production, promoting and marketing etc., so I’m learning as I go. 

I have released two EPs so far in 2019. Presently, I'm in studio working on seven song to compete and release my first album - Storm for 2021.

"Life is one big road with lots of signs and turns. So when you riding through don't complicate  your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts. Put your vision to reality. Wake up and live.”
               Bob Marley.  

I have always dream of being on the big stage in front of lot’s of people I think to some degree I’ve done that. However, I am still dreaming.

I was raised in church by my mother Edna. I had to go whether I wanted to are not. Sometimes, I liked it and other times I didn’t. However, I am a better person and I’m grateful.

As a teenager, I started a youth choir at my church. I sang solos from the hymnals and learn lyrics from listening to the radio write them out and sing them.  In my early twenties I joined a gospel band, a choir, I played steel pan. I wrote my first song at age seventeen and have been writing ever since. 

What set me apart from other songwriters, singer is my style. I have a unique melodic style. It's simple and catchy. Listen and feel the vibes I remember singing in a concert in SVG right before one of the best gospel voices in the Caribbean Mr. Peter Regis and the place erupted by the presence of God. Peter song a few song and close out with an alter call. The song was a combination of “Go tell it on the mountain," " were you there when they nailed him to the tree" and "Jesus"

This is a new chapter in my life. I am focus on releasing high quality but simple christian music with some Contemporary songs.

Second part of my focus is humanitarian work local and International.  In the mean while: you can find my music on all he streaming medias. Go check them out on  Spotify etc. Send some feedback my way.

Also you can contact me for more information at b, follow me on IG, FB and Twitter or sign on to my mailing list on this website.

Thank you. Much love and blessings.